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Preparing to Accept Research Data: Creating Guidelines for Librarians

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Rutgers University Libraries have recognized the need to expand their current research data services into a well-documented and well-supported service available to the Rutgers research community. In 2005, Rutgers University Libraries created RUcore, Rutgers University Community Repository, which has served as the University’s formal repository for institutional scholarship, special collections, and Electronic Theses & Dissertations. With the impetus of the 2010 NSF directive for research data sharing and preservation, RUcore development was extended to accept research data content. Ingest of pilot data projects began in 2010 via a librarian-mediated process.

In order to provide a better defined workflow and mission for research data services, in July 2014, the Rutgers University Librarian organized a Task Force to investigate the evaluation process for technical, legal, and confidential issues involved in research data acceptance, and to establish an administrative and evaluation framework for the deposit of research data. After a review of 35 repositories using 34 criteria, the Task Force drafted a plan for research data acceptance which proposes wide-spread acceptance of mediated data projects, and prepares for future self-deposit in an online interface. This paper will discuss the issues addressed by the Task Force; acknowledging ownership of data through an institutional data policy, preventing exposure of confidential or sensitive data, establishing a reconfigured data team, requirements for storage capacity and funding, creating a workflow which includes collaboration with research offices, and offering guidance for both researchers and librarians working with research data.

Keywords: research data, institutional repositories, academic libraries, data repositories

How to Cite: Palumbo, L. B. , Jantz, R. , Lin, Y. , Morgan, A. , Wang, M. , White, K. , Womack, R. , Zhang, Y. & Zhu, Y. (2015) “Preparing to Accept Research Data: Creating Guidelines for Librarians”, Journal of eScience Librarianship. 4(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.7191/jeslib.2015.1080