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Impact of Trust on Global Health and Global Radiology Initiatives

Nathalie Duchesne and Margaret Graham

2017-12-01 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

A Survey of Structural Design of Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Facilities and Compliance to Shielding Design Goals in a Limited Resource Setting

Flavious B. Nkubli, Christian C. Nzotta, Nwobi I. Nwobi, Silas A. Moi, Thomas Adejoh, Geofery Luntsi, Joseph Dlama and Laushognu S. Shem

2017-11-14 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

Temporal Bone Hyperpneumatization and Tinnitus: Clinico-Radiological Evaluation Using CT Scan

Sattar Razzaq Al-Esawi, Ali Burair Hasan, Deepak Takhtani and Sarwat Hussain

2017-09-05 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy in the Resource-limited Setting: An Initial Experience in Rural Uganda

Christopher R Stark, Kristen K DeStigter, Alphonsus Matovu and Picho Alli Shadrack

2017-07-01 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

An Open Conversation with Traditional Birth Attendants in Rural Uganda: The Potential for Collaborative Care

Elizabeth D Yuan, Anjuli R. Cherukuri, Renny Ssembatya, Magdalena R. Naylor and Kristen K. DeStigter

2017-06-07 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

Interventional Radiology Readiness Assessment Tool for Global Health

Aaron D Kline, Robert G Dixon, Megan K Brown and Melissa P Culp

2017-05-01 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

Evaluating Factors Affecting Clinicians’ Knowledge on Contrast Media: Kenyan Experience

Timothy Musila Mutala and Priscilla Nyambura Maina

2017-02-17 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2017

Imaging in the Lion City: Singapore Radiology Country Report

Lionel Tim-Ee Cheng, Li Hoon Sng, Tchoyoson Choie Cheio Lim and Bien Soo Tan

2016-12-09 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2016

Radiology and Global Health: The Case for a New Subspecialty

Matthew P. Lungren and Sarwat Hussain

2016-09-30 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2016

Gestational Age Estimation Based on Fetal Pelvimetry on Fetal Ultrasound in Iraqi Women

Sattar Razzaq Al-Esawi, Niran Mohammed Al-Hashimi, Farah S. Ali and Sarwat Hussain

2016-08-12 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2016