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Mothers, Mental Health and Opioids: Engaging with Researchers

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Co-occurring mental illness and opioid misuse is a significant and rising public health issue for mothers in the US. In recent years, opioid misuse during pregnancy has increased a great deal.1 Only a small subset of mothers will seek and receive help for themselves and their children.2, 3 When it is sought, treatment is not necessarily targeted or tailored to meet the needs of mothers and families.1 We are bringing mothers and researchers together to promote a shared understanding of mothers’ experiences and needs, and to inform research that is relevant, meaningful and effective, with the goal of improving mental health/opioid misuse treatment and outcomes for mothers and children.

Keywords: Mental health, mothers, peer support, social media, opioids

How to Cite: Mazel, S. , Hennig, S. , Zisman Ilani, Y. & Nicholson, J. (2019) “Mothers, Mental Health and Opioids: Engaging with Researchers”, Journal of Parent and Family Mental Health. 4(1). doi: