Issue Brief

FAMILLE+: A Multifamily Group Program for Families with Parental Depression

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Children living with a parent with a depressive disorder are at higher risk for low adaptive functioning, in terms of social, academic, emotional, and mental health problems (Reupert, Maybery & Kowalenko, 2012).This brief describes FAMILLE+, a multifamily group program for parents with major depressive disorder and their 7 to 11 years old children. Its purpose is to prevent the development of mental health problems in children and to promote family resilience and was specifically adapted to fit the children's developmental (cognitive, attentional and socio-emotional) abilities.

Keywords: Picture-Story Book, Children, Major Depressive Disorder, Families, Mental Health, Bibliotherapy, Mental Health Literacy, Intergenerational Mental Health, Child-Centered Research

How to Cite: Piche, G. , Villatte, A. , Habib, R. , Vetri, K. & Beardslee, W. (2020) “FAMILLE+: A Multifamily Group Program for Families with Parental Depression”, Journal of Parent and Family Mental Health. 5(1). doi: