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The Journal of eScience Librarianship (JeSLIB) (ISSN 2161-3974) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal advancing the theory and practice of librarianship focusing on services related to data-driven research in science, technology, engineering, math, social sciences, medicine, and public health. JeSLIB explores the many roles of librarians in supporting eScience and welcomes articles by contributors from all areas of the globe related to education, outreach, collaborations, policy, tools, and best practices.

JeSLIB publishes articles as they become available for publication, following a thorough review process. Articles are collected together into issues throughout the year, with occasional special issues.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2024)


Introduction to the Special Issue: Responsible AI in Libraries and Archives
Sara Mannheimer, Doralyn Rossmann, Jason Clark, Yasmeen Shorish, Natalie Bond, Hannah Scates Kettler, Bonnie Sheehey, and Scott W. H. Young

Full-Length Paper

The Implementation of Keenious at Carnegie Mellon University
Joelen Pastva, Dom Jebbia, Maranda Reilly, and Ashley Werlinich

Open Science Recommendation Systems for Academic Libraries
Lencia Beltran, Chasz Griego, and Lauren Herckis

Responsible AI at the Vanderbilt Television News Archive: A Case Study
Clifford Blake Anderson and Jim Duran

Ethical considerations in utilizing artificial intelligence for analyzing the NHGRI’s History of Genomics and Human Genome Project archives
Mohammad Hosseini, Spencer Hong, Kristi Holmes, Kris Wetterstrand, Christopher Donohue, Luis A. Nunes Amaral, and Thomas Stoeger

Automatic Expansion of Metadata Standards for Historic Costume Collections
Caleb McIrvin, Chreston Miller, Dina Smith-Glaviana, and Wen Nie Ng

Ethical Considerations in Integrating AI in Research Consultations: Assessing the Possibilities and Limits of GPT-based Chatbots
Yali Feng, Jun Wang, and Steven G. Anderson

“I’ve Got a Feeling”: Performing Sentiment Analysis on Critical Moments in Beatles History
Milana Wolff, Liudmila Sergeevna Mainzer, and Kent Drummond

Using AI/Machine Learning to Extract Data from Japanese American Confinement Records
Mary Elings, Marissa Friedman, and Vijay Singh

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Call for Applications: JeSLIB Data Editor
Posted by Julie Goldman on 2024-03-11

Data Editor for the Journal of eScience Librarianship (JeSLIB)To apply for the Data Editor position, please send the following to Editor-in-Chief, Regina Raboin at Regina.Raboin@umassmed.edu by March 27, 2024: Current résumé Brief statement addressing interest in joining the JeSLIB editorial team and the responsibilities outlined below Applications will be reviewed by the current JeSLIB [...]

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Volume 13, Issue 1, Special Issue: Responsible AI in Libraries and Archives is Now Available
Posted by Julie Goldman on 2024-03-05

JeSLIB is proud to publish a Special Issue on Responsible AI in Libraries and Archives.Librarians and archivists are often early adopters and experimenters with new technologies. Our field is also interested in critically engaging with technology, and we are well-positioned to be leaders in the slow and careful consideration of new technologies. Therefore, as librarians and archivists begin [...]

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Special Issue: 2023 Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit is Now Available
Posted by Julie Goldman on 2023-12-12

JeSLIB is proud to publish a Special Issue highlighting works related to the Research Data and Preservation (RDAP) Summit 2023. The JeSLIB Editors thank the guest editors, Alicia Capello, Queens University, Marla Hertz, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Tina Griffin, University of Illinois Chicago, and Jamaica Jones, University of Pittsburgh for their dedication and expertise in bringing [...]

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