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Assessing and Improving Library Technology with Service Blueprinting

  • Scott W. H. Young orcid logo (Montana State University - Bozeman)
  • Sara Mannheimer orcid logo (Montana State University-Bozeman)
  • Doralyn Rossmann orcid logo (Montana State University - Bozeman)
  • David Swedman (Montana State University - Bozeman)
  • Justin D. Shanks (Montana State University - Bozeman)


Objective: The objective of this article is to illustrate the application of service blueprinting—a design tool that comes from the service design tradition—for assessing and improving library technology services.

Setting: A mid-sized library at a public university in the western United States.

Methods: A service blueprint was co-created by library and IT staff in a design workshop in order to map the operational flow of a data visualization display wall.

Results: Guided by the service blueprint, the project team identified points of improvement for the service of the data visualization display wall, and developed recommendations to aid further applications of service blueprinting.

Conclusions: Ultimately, service blueprinting was found to be a useful tool that can be applied to assess and improve library technology services.

Keywords: service design, service blueprint, user experience, assessment, data visualization, display wall

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Young, S. W., Mannheimer, S., Rossmann, D., Swedman, D. & Shanks, J. D., (2018) “Assessing and Improving Library Technology with Service Blueprinting”, Journal of eScience Librarianship 7(2): 3. doi: https://doi.org/10.7191/jeslib.2018.1134

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Published on
03 Jul 2018