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Informationist Role: Clinical Data Management in Auditory Research

  • Karen L Hanson (New York University School of Medicine)
  • Theodora A. Bakker (New York University School of Medicine)
  • Mario A. Svirsky (New York University School of Medicine)
  • Arlene C. Neuman (New York University School of Medicine)
  • Neil Rambo (New York University School of Medicine)


Informationists at NYU Health Sciences Libraries (NYUHSL) successfully applied for a NLM supplement to a translational research grant obtained by PIs in the NYU School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology titled, “Clinical Management of Cochlear Implant Patients with Contralateral Hearing Aids”. The grant involves development of evidence-based guidelines for post-implant management of patients with bimodal cochlear implants. The PIs are also seeking to acquire new data sets to merge with grant-generated data. In light of the shifting data requirements, and the potential introduction of additional datasets, informationists will evaluate and restructure the data model and data entry tool. Report queries will be refined for the new data model and options for a query tool appropriate for users unfamiliar with query languages will be assessed and implemented. The services offered through this supplement represent the deepest and most detailed data management support offered by NYUHSL to date. The components of the supplement are being analyzed as a pilot of a broader offering of these data management services.

Keywords: data management, otolaryngology, informationist, cochlear implants, hearing aids

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