Two Years in the Making: Library Resources for Transgender Topics

  • Wanda Marsolek orcid logo (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Katie Barrick (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Sarah Jane Brown (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Kristi Bergland (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Caitlin Bakker (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Shanda Hunt (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)


Inspired by Reid Boehm’s presentation “Beyond Pronouns: Caring for Transgender Medical Research Data to Benefit All People,” at the Research Data Access and Preservation Summit (RDAP) in March 2018, four librarians from the University of Minnesota (UMN) set out to create a LibGuide to support research on transgender topics as a response to Boehm’s identification of insufficient traditional mechanisms for describing, securing, and accessing data on transgender people and topics. This commentary describes the process used to craft the LibGuide, "Library Resources for Transgender Topics," including assembling a team of interested library staff, defining the scope of the project, interacting with stakeholders and community partners, establishing a workflow, and designing an ongoing process to incorporate user feedback.

Keywords: Transgender research, information-seeking, LibGuide, research data, iterative design, RDAP

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Marsolek, W., Barrick, K., Brown, S. J., Bergland, K., Bakker, C. & Hunt, S., (2021) “Two Years in the Making: Library Resources for Transgender Topics”, Journal of eScience Librarianship 10(1): 2. doi:

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Published on
19 Jan 2021