This is my First One: Finding and Building Community at RDAP Summit 2019

  • Ateanna Uriri (University of Texas at Arlington)


This commentary depicts the experiences and thoughts of both a first-time attendee to the Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit held May 2019 and of a library/data-related conference. The author describes her decision in choosing the RDAP Summit as the first-ever conference she would attend in her growing librarianship career and how she was initially reluctant in attending, due to her not being a full-time data practitioner. But after attending, she came to the realization that the RDAP Summit is for anyone interested in data, including those who are new to the profession or have been working with data for a number of years. This commentary will also include a common thread in the format of the Summit, highlights of attending, and takeaways that will prove useful to the author professionally and personally.

The substance of this article is based upon the author’s experience at RDAP Summit 2019.

Keywords: professional development, research data, data practitioner, conferences, data management, RDAP

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Published on
18 Dec 2019