• Become a Peer Reviewer

    Become a Peer Reviewer

    Posted by Julie Goldman on 2022-07-07

As JeSLIB evolves as a leader in data librarianship scholarly communication, we will continue to explore new ways of communicating the changing peer review process. Some recent resources of interest:

As we move to our new platform, Janeway, we are reviewing our peer reviewer guidelines to make the process simple and straightforward.

We are also thinking of new ways to show our great appreciation for all the work our reviewers do to ensure JeSLIB is publishing high-quality literature. All of JeSLIB’s peer reviewers have worked diligently to help our authors shape and publish quality scholarship. So we thank you, peer reviewers!

Are you interested in becoming a peer reviewer for JeSLIB? Fill out our Become a Reviewer form!


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