• Thank you, Peer Reviewers!

    Thank you, Peer Reviewers!

    Posted by Julie Goldman on 2023-09-28

Happy Peer Review Week! 

Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality. It brings together individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to sharing the central message that good peer review, whatever shape or form it might take, is critical to scholarly communications. This year’s theme focuses on “Peer Review and The Future of Publishing.”

"Scholarly publishing is in a period of rapid, transformational change, fueled by new policies, new business models, new technologies, and a drive toward increased transparency and reproducibility. In the US, government agencies are determining how they will comply with the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) memo calling for free, immediate and equitable access to federally funded research by 2026. Next year, Plan S will go into full effect, ending financial support for transformative agreements.
The advent of easily accessible large scale natural language processing tools like ChatGPT is opening a new realm of ethical and practical considerations. Non-article research outputs like data, methods, and code are gaining prominence, evolving from nice-to-have supporting documentation to citable published artifacts, formally preserved in the scientific record. Peer reviewers face increasing demands on their time and expertise, making it more challenging to secure reviewers. As it did in so many other areas, the pandemic has accelerated that trend—and that is just the beginning."

What does the changing publishing landscape mean for the practice of peer review, and for peer reviewers themselves?

Through all the recent changes in the scholarly publishing landscape, JeSLIB is not only dedicated to providing robust peer review of our published articles, but we are also committed to providing a welcoming environment for authors, and a smooth process for our reviewers.

All of JeSLIB’s peer reviewers work diligently to help our authors shape and publish quality scholarship. So we thank you, peer reviewers!

Some of our favorite peer review resources:

  • The Peer Review Week event page can help you get started by learning about peer review models, best practices, and strategies for finding reviewers or improving your skills
  • Stay up-to-date on pressing issues and challenges facing peer review with recent conversations on the Scholarly Kitchen

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