• Tiffany Chen (University of Massachusetts Medical School)


Back in the fall, the second year medical students had a two week experience called Population Health Clerkship in which we were tasked with doing an interprofessional community health project alongside nursing students. I was fortunate to be part of a project in the Dominican Republic, where we were tasked with implementing a medical records project in the bateys (sugar plantations) to empower the community with their own health histories, and also to try and understand how best UMass could help the bateys in a long term, sustainable manner. Along the way, I met a wonderful elderly lady who I ended up visiting every day after our meeting. Her story was absolutely the highlight of my trip, bringing together my love of the elderly with my hope to do long term, sustainable global health work. Meeting her taught me that in order to help people in the community, I need to learn their stories.

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